Thursday, 15 November 2007


The theme was Spring...

These two pieces were a HUGE challenge for me and i'm still not happy with them. I guess I never will be because the colours just aren't my 'bag'. But these two pieces DID confirm my place on Fidgeons Crafts DT! YAY! So today I got my first 'real' assignment and I can say i'm SO happy about it. Really excited. I guess again, they aren't things I would choose personally but it's a cool job to have. Being paid to produce a LO. It has made me feel that my scrapping is 'worthy'. And not that it matters if it is or not. I scrap for me (well, up until now I did) I scrapped for me, my family and just because I love anything arty and crafty. All that mattered before now was that the work I produced made me happy and said all the things I wanted it to say ~ and not just in words. Now I guess being on a paid DT has made me re-evaluate what I create and how it is put together.

I find writing insturctions hard because i'm a throw it all on the page kinda scrapper. Thats me. Just stick the photo down and then wonder what else is going on the page. I don't know if thats 'normal' but thats how I go about it.

I guess tho, seeing peeps at crops and classes I have taught. I don't teach it that way really but then I guess when we begin we aren't as confident with our scrapping choices on LO's are we? I see peeps at crops playing around with all their page elements. Is that how I should do it? I must do this in my head subconciously OR just stick and hope for the best (LOL, thats more like it).

So working on this DT has made me seriously think about how I scrap and how to get that onto paper. Thats the hard bit. The actual typing down HOW I did it, IN what order and WHAT I used. Maybe it's something that comes with time ~ just like my scrapping did?

On another note: I've been fairly productive today. I have got a few jobs done which have been needed to be done for a while. But then I have a busy two weekends ahead of me.

I have:

1. Nipped to the shop (which when you have 2 kids under 5yrs it's never 'nipping') and picked up a few bits that we needed.
2. Ironed a GIANORMOUS piled of clothes. Which is not all finished but it did make a huge dent in it (and I hate ironing).
3. Paid three bills (we all hate doing this but have too, it's one of those jobs).
4. Sorted out who is going to provide my liability insurance.
Now I still have to:
1. Call a few peeps who I have been neglecting ~ Steve and Kate.
2. Do my DT stuff and get it sent off.
3. Finish the ironing and put it away (tiresome!) OK, I just did that now...)
4. Complain that I still haven't been paid from the Quays!
5. Feed the kids their lunch...
6. Confirm hall booking.
7. Print piccies for MIL.
8. Do crop kit.
9. I'm sure there's more... you know it's one of those lists that as you cross stuff off you add much, much more. hmmm.

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leslie said...

Congrats on DT! That's so exciting. It's hard to have to sit down and define your work and style. And write instructions??! I guess you should write it down as you do it. So you don't forget. Maybe that will help?