Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Motivation at an all time low...

Yes, I well and truly have lost all motivation I have. I sat last night and tried to scrap. I managed a short piece of journalling on acetate... and tbh it doesn't look that good either ~ that was 2 hours work. So I guess I have mis-placed my mojo again. It happens just before crop, always. And the answer lies in paint, I think. Painting is my mojo salvation. Getting messy really does usually bring it back. I need it. I have heaps of stuff I have to do and deadlines to meet. Hmmm.

I do have goodness to post tho... stuff I did over the weekend and haven't had a chance to post.

A mini album i'm working on, which is gonna be filled with camera phone piccies... so not great but documenting a weird/fun/wild time in my life. And I know the pics will be of a poor quality but they mean something more to me than perfect piccies... if you get me?!

I used the piccie already but I love it so much ... so tried this with it. Kinda wish I altered the title... but hey.

So this was inspired by last weeks post. My 1973 year...1998. So I made this little frivolous LO to mark it.

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michelle said...

what a great album and such a great idea! I have so many great pics on my phone that are just sitting there. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you get the mojo back.