Friday, 16 November 2007


I do love a good list. And mine seem to be growing.

To do:

1. Sort out Quays wages!
2. Finish ironing Kev's work shirts...
3. Finish DT project.
4. Pack up for crop.
5. Cook a roast chicken.
6. Find some socks ~ my feet are freezing, it's far to cold here today!
7. Make the album for my crop and upload it with a contents and equipt. list.
8. Food shopping.
9. Crimbo shopping and ordering online stuff...
10. Decide what we are actually doing this Crimbo.
11. Call my sister.
12. Call Steve and Kate.
13. Tidy all my scrapping stuff.
14. Clean the lounge.
15. Find my small corner rounder ~ hmmm how can you loose that???!

And I keep adding to this list. The good news is though, things are being done ~ but slowly. I know though that tomorrow we will probably go over to MIL's and then nothing really is achieved during the day; which means today I HAVE to be productive. So instead of chatting on MSN, adding new blog entries, checking everyone elses blogs and UKS and SiStv. I oughta be doing some chores...

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