Monday, 19 November 2007

Play dates...

Today, Emily and I BOTH had friends to come over and 'play'. Yes, Nina popped over with Eli (who is a year older than Emily) and they played. Emily was totally over the moon when I told her this morning she would have a friend over to play, she even made orange pumpkin jellies for her and wrapped her a little something for her belated birthday in gold tissue paper. AS soon as they pulled up Emily stood at the door shouting 'happy birthday Eli' and waving the present like mad... I guess i'm dumb tho, I constantly FORGET to take photographs of all these sweet little things she does at just three. I guess when she is four or five or six she won't do them any more, she won't want to 'do' cute. I should cherish the cute-ness now.

This week I plan to photograph her quirks and cute-ness. Thats my task.

And lunch with Nina was fab. We chatted for an age and set the whole world to rights. It's so nice to just catch up. And I do love that girl.


Nina said...

We did have such a fab time. Sorry if I was a bit moany!

michelle said...

I love play dates. It's a great way for my little guy to get some socialization. I wish I could photograph every little thing they do cause some things just melt my heart, ya know.