Wednesday, 7 November 2007

I've been tagged...

By Nina... I too have done the 7 random facts, so i'm gonna do another ~ random facts are easy to do...

1. I got a new hairdryer last week and I love it.
2. I am loving my CJ group so much.
3. I have no inclination to start my Christmas shopping.
4. At this exact moment Emily is screaming in the lounge with Kev.
5. Emily calls Ben 'chubb-boy'.
6. I ran out of my favourite perfume today.
7. I'm going to dedicate my evening to some scrapping tonight.

I am not tagging anyone ~ because I have tagged you all before, so if you want to copy this and get tagged... Please do!


Nina said...

chubb-boy ha ha bless them! Are you coming to Elli's birthday party tomorrow?

michelle said...

I'm gonna get a new haircut soon and I am totally loving our cj group. glad you are having a great day.

sunshine and curls said...

Hi hope you are ok and having a good weekend. Chubb-boy how cute was going to tag you but looks as if nina already has ! see you soon X cara