Monday, 5 November 2007

Circle journals...

Shelley's cj:

Laurie's circle journal:

I am totally amazed by us. The group of 13 women we have in our circle journal. They are amazing. I have just got (today) two journals from Gina... and they are amazing. Each time I open the packages (this time a box! yay!) I am blown away. You can feel the amount of time, effort and love coming from these little books of art. I am truly inspred and amazed. This is what i've needed to stop being so slack.

Laurie's is Influential women ~ one I think i'm going to find easy to do. You know how much my mum and my middle sister have and do mean to me. I guess I want to capture that in my page. How loosing my mum left a huge hole for me and it still makes me sad but those two weeks she was very ill and after she had gone I gained something so precious. I gained a fabby close bond with my middle sister. So much more than I could've ever imagined having with anyone. And that makes me so happy. Things happen for a reason, I guess this was it.

So thats what I want to add into Laurie's cj. How close I was to my mum for 21 years. How she was my best friend and there through thick and thin and then when she went I gained something very special. A sister who is caring and loving and always there. I noticed something I had all along but hadn't realised.

I also have Shelley's cj too... ooooh colours! I am totally rocked to be in this journal as her and Michelle's blog I read devotedly without fail. I love their styles and their take on life. They are wow-some. I'm pretty nervous about adding to it. I have an aqua marine-y colour to inspire me... i'm thinking and I have a few cool seaside ish type ideas floating around. It's such a super cool idea to do this for a cj. It makes me kinda wish I had better ideas for mine before I made it up.


Nina said...

All the stuff you do it super cool hun!

Nina said...

You have been tagged my lovely!

michelle said...

ooh.. this looks like fun. I'm kinda nervous about my color now! hahah! I can't wait to see your page on your mom. These journals have been so amazing and I am so glad that we decided to do these! mwwaaah!

sunshine and curls said...

I look forward to seeing your page on your mum ! im sure it will be wonderful