Thursday, 29 November 2007

Smile :)

Thank heavens for people who care.

I am so excited. Yesterday I noticed a thread on UKS about a crop in Enfield... which is about an hour away. AND Shimelle is there doing her live + love everyday class. Now, it was a long shot... A very long one because it's running on Saturday. It's 10am - 10pm. I know Shimelle has not long moved house and you know I definately know how stressful that is (I have moved 5 official times and 3 un-official times) And even more so when you hoard stuff like I do... :)
So... I pm'd Ann, who is organising the crop in Enfield and begged her to let me come. ( So she said she had a space for me but no Shimelle kit... :(
Bravely, this morning I emailed Shimelle and asked her if she would have a kit... And I was brave... she is a celeb! LOL. And so I think that she is going to see if she can find me a kit... And so now i'm checking my emails every five seconds for any news on Saturday.

p.s. Feeling incredibly good as I helped a desperate person get a Wii today. If you are desperate too are selling them in bundles... so far every afternoon for the past three days. And Good Luck!


Nina said...

I wish I could come!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a fab workshop and Shim is lovely :)

Claire aka Feline said...

Hope you have a great time on Saturday :)