Friday, 9 November 2007


This is one post thats not going to be 'blog-fluff' but a plain old RANT. Sorry in advance!

Listening. I'm sure it's a complex skill because SO many people don't have it at all, one in particular that I know. And I know I have one of those memories that kinda retains almost everything... even real stupid details. And I appreciate that some people have memories like sieves but, you know when someone calls you up and they go on about their day (at the most inconvienant time in yours ~ Emily and Ben are moaning for their tea and i'm rushing around)... and you listen paitiently. You take note of everything they say and then after they've vented... they ask how your day was and you start to tell them. Sillence. Nothing. No words about it at all from their end. And then they carry on dismissing anything you have said and carry on with their day ~ what they still have to do etc... And I still stand there and encouraging their words.

GRRR. It infuriates (sp!) me. It really does. Why the hell can't people take time and actually listen? After all i'm sure half these people who don't listen properly are the ones who claim their brains are sieves...

Today, right now. That little 10 minute convo has me griped.


shelly b said...

I'm sorry...what did you say? he,he!

michelle said...

girl, I have a friend that only calls to tell me all the crap that's going on in her life and when I start about me, she magically turns the conversation back to herself. I think I need to learn that skill, right?