Wednesday, 28 November 2007

On the subject of babies...

... this is what I made last night. The spotty little bubba was Emily on the morning she was born and had just had her first bath. Kevy was so proud of her and really nervous about holding her. Isn't it weird now how we just hold newborns with ease? He used to be in the hospital getting me to pass her to him as he didn't dare lift her out that see-through little cot... The two snoozers are of course Ben and Kev, weird huh, how Kev is wearing the same shirt in each pic ~ nearly two years apart...?! I'm not into flowers but this one just spoke to me and I love its ragged frayed look.
Now ~ A huge congratulations to Michelle for actually managing to read yesterdays mamoth post. Well done girlie! And secondly thank you for sharing your little bubbas stories with me. Isn't it weird how we all have the same admiration for pregnant mothers who give birth minus an epidural. Yes, I did with Ben but it was NOT by choice. Believe me I begged. I was too late but hey, it actually wasn't that bad. I did go somewhere else, totally at the end. I do remember the midwife asking me to open my eyes and look at her and me hollering back 'what difference will that make, it'll still hurt!' And telling her I would rip to shreds as I was giving birth too quickly. I didn't. I was fine and now feeling very nostalgic, like Michelle that Ben is my last baby and he isn't a baby any more. So Michelle thank you! x


michelle said...

girl, I love reading your blog. I think as mom's we all tend to swap birthing stories and compare. I cannot even imagine going through all that without pain killers, baby, cause I would have ended up in another place. I was scheduled for induction for both of mine. Kyle never wanted to come out and Sean came out a few hours before I was getting induced anyways.. the anesthesiologist was on

Claire aka Feline said...

Thanks for popping by, hope to see around more often.

I pethadine for my first and only gas and air with my second. Heres a nasty for you...had to have a little stitch with my second and because it was only one she asked if I could deal with the pain, I said 'bring it on' like a mad woman and in the end I had two stitches, ouch :)

And my youngest turned 6 in September, how time flies. xx