Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Maybe she's back from her holiday...

...my mojo, that is.

I created these two pages last night, using my stash that I got last week from Scrappy-do's (you can find her web addy on my links) And I was pretty pleased yesterday when Jo (Mrs. Scrappy~do!) pm'd me on UKS and asked if she could add my blog to her site...YAY! ! I just love ~ love, elsie!!! I find it SO usable. Especially all the little stickers and then of course papers are just super amazing.

So I made these two LO's. The first is of me when I was a bubba... I guess I loved patta~cake! I think that the first piccie looks so much like my little bubba, Kev disagrees (as always)! I just had to laugh at how dated the whole piccies look now, Velour sofas, highly patterned carpets, flock wallpaper... The only thing that has narked me though are those vinyl thickers (!) they have this greasy adhesive on the back that has left a snail trail at the bottom of the LO ~ BOO to grosse adhesive.

The second is a blurry piccie of Emily. I just love it though. It was taken at Easter at Southend and just captures how excited she was to ride countless mini rides with her cousin Aidan. I added more doodling around the cut out boxes in a white sakura pen and added heaps of SEI brads ~ I love the cute weenie black stars (and secretly glad I found a use for those yellow ones!) but sad I used my last heidi swapp letter "e's" ~ why, oh why are there NEVER enough e's in any alpha pack???

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michelle said...

These are great sista! You really know how to work Elsie. I am deathly afraid to use my stash.