Friday, 22 February 2008


Our house probably isn't the best atm. I am glad I am working all weekend but sad :( for the kiddos that have to go through all the crap thats happening atm.

I am lucky to have such caring and supportive friends and my sister who are there for me though. I am fine and I have no idea where my life is going right now but where ever it's headed I know I will be ok and do whats right for my two littlies. And thank you to Nina for bringing Elli~woo round to occupy Emily while I ranted on. It's good to let it all out and know i'm not being unreasonable.

On a lighter note I am loving cosmo cricket's fleuriste line... Yum!


Nina said...

It was lovely to see you. I really hope you listed to what I said and will keep your promise. x

sunshine and curls said...

Hope things get better for you. Im sure nina cheered you up she is so wise love C X

michelle said...

hope this look up for you sista!