Tuesday, 26 February 2008

El Dia De Los Muertos.

This Mexican celebration just intrigues me so much. 'The day of the dead'. I guess kind of like our halloween (or all hallows eve, or whatever it is)... I just think they have it right. Celebrating a passing. Realising life isn't forever... And i'm not saying that you should feel happy about the death of anyone whom you love but... a time to celebrate how special they were? That is a fabby idea.

I have had the digi downloads for the title for ages, I cheated though and hand drew it onto acetate with a slick writer (although it did not go as 'black' as i'd of liked)... I didn't want to figure out how to print onto acetate and I wanted the wood grain paper to shine through. And of course the tissue piece, I fell in love with. It's such a cute design. The stamp part in the bottom left corner went weird ~ the ink was kinda all yucky and oily so I tried to restamp with brown and made a mess... i'm going to stick ontop a fresh better stamped design on another piece of paper to cover up the yucky smear thats right there now. Thats the only downside with letting your LO's just 'become', sometimes I make mistakes and then we have to have a 'cover-up'. Not that I mind though, for me its all about experimenting. Scraplifts are never the same as LO's that just took on a life of their own.

So while i'm typing this, Emily is doing this:

And is having the most fun getting all arty too.

Tomorrow is the Wickford crop... a chance to get out and have some time to myself without all the stress of home. And I finally finished my DT LO and have just got to post it tomorrow, this time it's by far the best kit i've had to work with and I really, really, really love the LO. Teressa rocks for picking and sending those ones to me! Thank you!

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