Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Often found.

sorry it's wonky...!

Ben is often found like this. When ever i'm in the lounge with him, he wants me sat on the floor so he can laze inbetween my legs and chill out. He is the funniest thing ever! He is a typical boy (very lazy) and enjoys flopping back on me or on the sofa when i'm not with him. He is so cute.

So in the summer I took this photo to capture him, from my perspective, flopped between my legs and relaxing back watching tv. I want to remember these times because already they are becoming less and less everyday as he grows.

And me?? Well, yet more stuff is being found that just really upsets me. I guess you never really know someone no matter how much you've shared and how much you think you know someone. I am more angry with myself for believing the lies for so long.

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michelle said...

i love the picture! great shot of him.. sorry you are still having trauma, but you cannot blame yourself for trusting someone and loving someone.