Monday, 18 February 2008

Half term was *SUPER* busy...

What with work, Kev being off work AND doing a heap with the kids I now feel like normality is returning and we're settling back into our old routines.

I can't believe how much we crammed into a week. We had Aidan to stay, we went to the zoo, Kev went into work for a day, I worked four days, Benji had his 'jabs', We had Kevs brother and family over for lunch/day, we went to his mums twice and I actually managed two LO's and a few other little jobs that had needed doing for an age! HOORAY!

I did this LO, I have had this font for an age and really, really {heart} it. It's bold and grungey. And I have had the photo of Emily for a while too. I'm not keen on lilac. I don't like purple anymore but I ordered the crackle paint in 'dusty concord' which I assumed was a blue and it wasn't. It was lilac, shows you what blind buying means... But for some reason I actually enjoyed it. It wasn't so hard to work with, like I had imagined...

And another LO form my Nov Cocoa daisy kit. It's not my personal choice of papers but I think that is half the fun, I have scrapped outside my box and i'm not sure it's really 'me' but I have enjoyed it. And I think this pp really goes with the photograph. Yes, another oldie. I hve a huge stack of old photos that just need to be used now. I'm tired of finding homes for them. The albums are falling to pieces. The photos, i'm guessing will eventually be ruined if I don't do something with them. And I don't know much about all of them. I know odd names and odd faces but no really stories... it makes me sad but thats now why I scrap... but they do belong to me and our family and deserve a place in our albums and in our history. I just wish I knew more about them. I am planning on going to my sisters and taking them with me to badger her into telling me what she knows... which I know is about as much as me. P.S. 3D foam rocks!

The zoo: We went to Colchester zoo which is prob the best 'set' out zoo i've ever been too. It was really busy but it's the place where it can be really busy but you never really feel it is... The hills are a killer tho! And there were several times I made Kev push Benji as I thought the pushchair was gonna just roll away from me. Ben didn't really get it until we let him have a romp in the soft play, Emily loved it tho. She was alittle scared of the fox (he did look weird) and a few monkey who were extra loud but all in all she was so excited. Her fave were the elephants and the zebra's (or Carla as she named it... she has been watching Mama Mirabelle too often!) She fed a goat, a sheep tried to drink her juice, she walked for miles and slept well in the car on the way home.

She also had this done:

Meet our little 'fantasy sealion'... Isn't she just so cute?!

This boy didn't get what the fuss was about but did enjoy a yummy mr.whippy ice cream!

A happy little love bunny!

And a blurred but sweet piccie of a Daddy and his girl sharing a cute kissy moment... before Mummy caught them and Emily then shouts 'let my down' ... We are mixing up our 'me's' and 'my's' atm!


Nina said...

Wow you were busy!!!!!
Sounds like you hada fabby time. I love your LO's, and the detailed shots really give me a good fix until I can see them IRL!

Sandra said...

Don't you just love face paints. I remember trying to stop the girls touching it so it wouldn't be spoiled before I could take a piccy! She's a real cutie.

Stampin' Up! Gal said...

lovely layouts... well done!

michelle said...

look at you go! Love the pages. I find that one of my kits that I subscribe to is just not my style, but I haven't been as creative as you and I can't work through it. Love the face paints! how cute! btw have you gotten any cj's?