Thursday, 28 February 2008

Stress makes me create.

The more stressed I am, the more creative I am. Doesn't mean to say I enjoy being stressed though... even if it does produce many LO's I like.

This picture I nearly used for my Fidgeons DT piece this month but then it was too dark, too small and just not right.

I love using the blurs on photoshop. It adds a sort of magic to the piccie... and I have wanted to use that messy typewriter font for ages. I love the look on Emily's face, she really understood Christmas this year and it was really magical. The journo'ing on the piccie talks about wondering whether she will always feel this way about Christmas, how every night she had to say goodnight to every fairy on that tree (and we had alot!) and how she willingly put all her doodies under the tree on Christmas eve.

I did this last night at the Wickford crop which I nearly didn't get to but i'm glad I did. I just {heart} Marion, she just makes you feel all silly and smile. Ask her about Sticky next time any of you see her.


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Nina said...

boo hoo, I wish I could have made it. I too had home stress.

michelle said...

I wish lack of sleep would make you create cause I'd have hundreds of layouts done. lol! great photo..