Thursday, 28 February 2008

Remember this at around 7am on Saturday!

This is a sneaky peeky of the kit here ( I soooooooo want this kit. I know i've really splurged on stash just lately but I AM using it and it has been so long since i've had any kits. I miss kits. These kits are my fave. They made me fall in love with kits and fall head over heels in love with scrapping. I cannot believe how fan-tab-u-low-sley talented Sara Berry is. These kits ALWAYS rock. They have that weird quirkiness about them and they are super-dee-dooper value for money! So you will find me with my laptop in bed with me on Saturday morning (hooray I am NOT working!) and I will be busy, busy, busy ordering this kit (and probably a few other bits will fall into my cart, like the glimmer mist :))
And then once i've ordered I badger Sara for the tracking number and check on it EVERY day. I'm sure parcel force have me marked down as being v.v. weird. But I just love stash sooo much.
Other kits I want :
Bad girls kits (Shaulean pointed me towards these and they look fabby)
Studio calico (althought they maybe alittle to floral for my liking I still love them)
Advacado yummish things (Fabby DT with Barbara)
Sweet spuds (yellow glittery thickers!!! and Shelley B (*wub*) on their DT!)
IT kits (I think this is fabby value and a little more than just scrapping...)
And a heap, heap, heap more...
But Story of my Life kits will always have the majority of my scrappin' love.


Nina said...

omg! why oh why do I not have a debt card?!!!!!

sara berry said...

You know I love you, right? Can't believe how lucky I am to have such sweet customers...wish you lived closer b/c we'd definitely be scrapping at each other's houses!

michelle said...

girl.. I am a kit freak.. I just rotate them out.. once one sub is done...start with another.. and I am broke all the time.. sigh, sigh.