Wednesday, 20 February 2008

"It isn't you...

... it's all too brown." Said Kev last night to a new LO I had made with a SoML kit. (Did I mention to you I had some new stash???! Can't you tell i'm all excited?)

And it was brown. And it wasn't my usual bag of stuff But I loved it. Hambly rocks. Their wood pp is just my most favourite-est thing atm and I know it's been around for ages right now but I think it's lurvvvverrly. And I am loving trees too. They are pretty cute. And hand drawing titles on acetate looks REALLY cool too. The only problem I have with that is no matter how I try my slick writer doesn't quiet get a black enough line for me. I am working on it though...
And I have decided that any colour is me. After using purple last week, I can use anything. OK, not anything... yellow just has no purpose in my scrapbooks.

Last week too Emily saw her cousin with the sweetest little necklace on. She begged and begged for a 'proper' one too. Blurry, I know... but check out how proud she is!!

And tomorrow I should be getting my DT kit from Fidgeons crafts (go see all the yummy~ness they stock and pursuade a LSS near you to stock their goodies!) and I am so pumped about it. I know it's gonna be the cutest, sweetest kit yet...!! I won't be able to share the project with you but if you ask your LSS store they can order the project guide for you... for FREE!

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michelle said...

I just did a layout and I am not digging it. I think I'm losing the mojo right now. can't wait to see your goodies from your figeons kit.