Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I got a little surprise today from Sara. She has the best~est ever things for sale here (www.story-kits.com/store) and today my package arrived. My, oh my... I have so much goodness after a huge scrapping supplies drought ~ I am now swamped in patterned paper, alphas, ribbon, special goodies and of course those funky hand designed stamps! Ok, the package wasn't an entire surprise because I did order it BUT I thought it'd be the end of the week when I recieved it, that made me sad because i'm working all weekend and i'd have no time to even look at it let alone use some of it... But now! Yippeeeeeeee! I have tonight off and so I can peek at it and maybe even use it??!?

Of all my stash dieting, these kits have been the hardest to avoid. I have seen every month the yummy~ness Sara has posted up and I have watched lots of them sell out :( I have been sad about that because it has meant I had no way of actually getting them once my dieting was over. So I missed a few extra cool kits but today makes up for it all... I have a pile of kits that are so scrumptious. And that special paper smell has filled our kitchen *deep breaths and happy smiles*

And did I mention that I have a few extra specially~special things on the horizon? :) But *shhhhh* they're a secret!

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michelle said...

i love her kits too, but I'm dieting myself. too bad you can't play til this weekend.. sounds like my life! lol