Tuesday, 22 April 2008

28 Candles, leaks and jabs.

Yesterday was a complete haze of Ben's jab (for his MMR), my birthday ~ although it was pretty stressful yesterday and the fact that at 9:20am; just as we were about to leave for Ben's nurse appointment the shower decided to nearly blow up and exploded water everywhere. So there I was running up and down, trying to turn the water off, calling Kev and grabbing Em and Ben to rush down to the doctors.

Currently the shower is being held together by a 5 pence piece and hopefully tonight we will have it fixed ;)

I am still finishing up the front of my Shimelle project which starts 'properly' on Friday, although I have decided to alter the idea slightly and keep my 'calendar' bit and add a kinda photo collage. So really it's already begun. At the end of each month i'm gonna print out the important/cute pics to be added. I think it'll be a great little project and once a month is 'do-able'. This is going to be one of the pics I use... She is just so cheeky :)

And this week I feel as if I have alot of 'me' time. Wednesday night I have the Wickford crop, Thursday Ali is coming over and on Sunday it's the Basildon crop. It will be kinda cut short as I have work 4 til 9pm so I will be rushing off to work but even so... I'm going to have some much needed free time.

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michelle said...

happy birthday! sorry about your shower..always something, right?
get all the me time you can get your hands on lady !