Monday, 7 April 2008


Another pic of our day out ~ As you can see Em loved the carousel!

My mega work weekend is over ~ Well, this weekend anyhow. Next weekend i'm on 6:30am til 4pm both days but it's not so bad as Kev is still on half term so I get alittle break with the kiddos.

I also am waiting on kits! 3x Soml, 1x Studio Calico and 1x Scrapagogo. I also have a few important submissions to get in and some work to send to be photographed (yay! Good, good news there!) I have a nice little DT cheque to be cashed, which I love doing because it's what I love so much *AND* I get paid to do it :) And then Kev is taking Emily into London on Thursday, she is amazed that the Queen lives there (I think she thought the Queen was make believe) and he said he may take her to the aquarium. So on Thursday Benji and I will have a nice quiet day at home together.

I had a little giggle today though, as Kev got some new shoes last week. This morning he complained that one was tight and one loose. I suggested that maybe one had been tried on lots and stretched. No! One was a size 8 and one a size 9 :lol: This made me laugh lots and lots and lots :)

We have our nephew staying tonight, so i'll be having a huge scrap filled evening as Kev and him will be on the xbox and Wii allllllll night long.


michelle said...

I'm waiting for studio calico, paper posies, polka dot whimsy, scarlet lime.. I think that's it! lol. I couldn't tell you the last time I've seen a carosel! And I'm so jealous.. I want to go to London, too!

Anonymous said...

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