Thursday, 10 April 2008

*Buy Me*

I had this sent to me, to be tried, used and tested:

And I made this, along with a lot of other things and it's still going strong! (I did this with my March Scrapagogo which too is going strong)

How many rolls of double sided sticky tape or glue runners do you get through a month? Me: Too many! This runner is a fabby little thing though! I can say that i've had no problems with it, it's easy to use and doesn't need heaps of pressure like some adhesive rollers do. I kept the packaging to put it back into each time because it doesn't have a lid so I ran the risk of everything being sticky in my tote if I didn't :) and you don't need a degree to get into it either :) It come out in little lines so it is super perfect for little cut outs/die cuts etc... AND I really enjoyed having hardly any mess to clear away after I had finished my projects. I never realised how much mess double sided tape creates!!

Would I buy another one? YES! I'm always ok with adhesive rollers unti you have to refil, well this one isn't refillable so no probs there. I'd love it to have a lid. Just so I can pop it in my tote without repackaging but hey, it's not a whinge. This product is great!


sunshine and curls said...

Oh I really love the tree LO it is amazing so beautiful. X

michelle said...

wow. that page is amazing! did you cut all those leaves out or are those stamped?