Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Have you joined?

See here : http://www.shimelle.com/

I ordered my kit today. I am looking forward to this project, although I know I will never finish it. The notebook does look cute though. So I think I got the actual last one. Sorry for pointing it out and then catching the last one myself. Kinda feel pretty proud though as usually I ALWAYS miss out on these things.

I have a heap of LO's to upload here too. I have been very slack with it the past week... Half term and work are blamed for that plus a few submissions and stuff too.

Yesterday, this happened...

Emily just happened to sneak a yellow felt pen into the lounge. I did not see. Ben did though and since we have got away lightly with Emily (she has never crayon'd or drew on the walls) I knew that maybe we wouldn't be so lucky with Ben. Hmmm. Modern art?? Think not. Luckily it's a room we haven't decorated and luckily I was a nanny in a previous life, long ago that I am pretty mean at getting felt or crayon from walls. Yes, Kev did not even notice. He will now know tho, what happened here yesterday to make me in such a fluster and for felt pens to be 'banned' for like, forever.

I am using Emily's new easel to display these... it's alot easier to get that sunlight just right on it...

This one was just before she went bananas about not going on the 'happy apple' ride right there and then and having to do something that Ben would enjoy... Oh, boy... did we have tears!

This one doesn't photograph well, the patterns and colours all mingle... You can't quiet see the text at the bottom properly. You can barely see all the tiny, weenie flowers I cut out on it... But I do lurveeee this paper range!

This is made from super old, old, old stash. I guess it made it just more cooler that I thought it was because these papers i've had forever. The piccie was printed onto paper and then I hand glued (yes!) all those tiny, weenie, miniscule gems in a circle. Emily is in love with super hero's atm!
I thought these brass deers were pretty sweet... luv 'em? I do!

A chocolatey, easter egg face!

And a very, very snoozy boy!

P.S. Those leaves were stamped with the scrapagogo stamp set (March'08) and then cut out... on three diff shades of card/paper.


Inspiration Alley said...

I love the layouts and I'm particularly impressed by Emily's artwork.

Claire aka Feline said...

Wow, some gorgeous layouts and I love that little reindeer, so cute.

Hmm I think I might have hit the roof if mine ever scribbed on my walls, I admire your control lol xxx

Shirley said...

Your LO's are absolutely beautiful.
Not to sure about Emily's artwork though!

jay670120 said...

love all the layouts , thinking on the same lines as others in Emily's work (not too sure i like it LoL)

Sarah (monroegirl) said...

The spidey layout made me smile - a lot! I am having difficulty taking photos of my son at the moment without him making that same gesture!

Gorgeous layouts :)

barmyowlscoo said...

Yep LOs gorgeous, kiddy art sweet but good you managed to get it all off.Love them all but my fave is bring you own sunshine.

michelle said...

these came out so cool.. love em's chocolatey face! if you want to get the crayon off the wall - get a mr. clean magic eraser.. it's fabulous.