Friday, 18 April 2008

Not quiet.

'Being a girl' and six reasons with piccies to match... the first one is beauty sleep... i'm so lucky both my kids love their beds :)

Oooh you know I brought this top to use it in a LO. I had super cool 'shroom stamps to use and this top just screamed out for them!! :lol: (the little brass love birds were from etsy)

This is the LO using my tool box raid find... loving those huge screws as hinges! And getting slowly through all my eyelets using this paper range!

I know some of the pics still have my table on them but what d'yall think? I enjoyed using photoshop to create these babies ;) But it is time consuming, tweaking photos that is.

Emily went to bed last night with a big girl quilt and no 'bag' (gro bags are still a saviour in our house). She did wake up a little earlier but I think the light mornings had more to do with that. That's it now she really isn't a baby anymore :(

I did a little more work with my SoML kit last night while I watched 'medium' ~ weird huh? What do you make of it??? And started alittle more with my SAGG (Scrapagogo) kit.


Sharmaine said...

Gorgeous creations!!

Gail said...

Great LOs. Love the colours. And fancy buying a top for a LO. What crazy things we scrapbookers do!

Cass said...

Gorgeous LO's and little book.

Cass xx

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Anonymous said...

those are fab! I love the funky shrooms page - did you hand cut those letters out?


michelle said...

ooh.. love those pages! i love how you made those boxes.. I think a tutorial is in order! Love the being a girl mini..
I used to really be into Medium the first few seasons, kinda tuned out this year, but it's alright..