Monday, 28 April 2008

So, I had a lazzzzzzzzyeee weekend.

We didn't do much on Saturday, apart from go over to Kev's mums. We forgot the huge banoffee pie I had made too ~ so it's banoffee pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner here atm...! And other than that I just relaxed in the evening, got my crop stuff ready and watch CSI New York.

On Sunday I had work in the morning and then went straight to crop. As we are out of printer ink (again!) I decided that for the mo, I am going to just use all the stacks and stacks of old piccies I have. They hold some v.happy memories ~ even if the piccies are pretty crappy (oh, yes they are really crappy!)... And of course they hold some hillarious memories... like the time I went to a wedding and my suit trousers ripped (now, if that happened now... Icould understand it but my bum was tiny, weenie size 12 then) and I wasn't wearing the most bum hugging of pants... yes, just as we got in a cab I heard a rip and felt a huge draft. Hmmm. Embarassing? Very. Did I laugh? Yes, lots. And so did the cab driver and the friends I was with at the time. :) These are the sorts of things I want to include in my scrapping. The story is just so important, right?

So I managed to put together two LO's with my studio calico April kit. (yum!) I will upload later!


sunshine and curls said...

oh how funny !!

michelle said...

what is banoffee pie? I hate it when I run out of ink. I guess I could use the many pics I do have printed.
one day i'll be a size 12 again... sigh, sigh.. girl I have had nothing but huge problems with studio calico for the last 4 months.. I don't understand how hard it is to bill someone..