Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Thoughts of today.

I'm feeling pretty weird today, my mum would've been 61 today. I'm sad she's gone. And I say it all the time that I miss her so much. I still forget alot of the time that she isn't at the other end of a phone. There are seconds when in my head, I think i'll ring mum. Then... oh no I won't, when my brain slowly kicks into gear.

So I guess today i'm kinda thinking alot about her. Not in a sad way. In the way that makes me smile and laugh. She was funny!

And we have one poorly bunny (Emily) who was up much of the night and one bunny (Ben) who I think is coming down with a stinking cold too... so he will most probably be up alot tonight :(
Just when it's the SoML release at 5am tomorrow morning too...!


Joanna Butchart said...

sad for you abotu your mum and also having two poorly children. it is no fun having to deal with lack of sleep on top of everything else

michelle said...

I'm sad about your mom, but I am glad you have great memories to comfort you today.
I hope the kiddies don't get sick and keep you up.

sunshine and curls said...

I feel for you & hope children feel better soon XX