Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Excited? Very!

Firstly thank you for all your comments. Especially the very special Michelle... I read on your sisters blog about the loss of your Uncle. I am sending my thoughts your way honey. Hope you and your family are all ok... (and will be sending Jess' CJ soon too! It came last week!)

This morning the postie has brought kit goodness. Yes, my SoML has arrived! Complete with bam pop alpha stamps (set 2) and a heap of other goodies including a few extra cool freebies, thanks Sara :)

The bad news is that, seens as the postie van has been with one kit it means my Scrapagogo and Studio Calico are not going to come today :( But then that's being greedy, anting them all to come right now!

And I did have some goodness the other day ... Jess' CJ popped through the letter box! So yesteray evening I set about my LO for it. I thought it'd be easier than it was... hmmmm. It's coming along!

And Emily is obsessed, yes really stark raving mad and bonkers for High School Musical and Hannah Montana.

(Note she is good at sharing though and had let Ben run off with the microphone, so here she is with just the stand!)


Tracie Hudson said...

Love those Bam Pop Stamps - although the little butterfly looks kinda cute too!
That CJ looks soooo pretty!

michelle said...

thank you so much sista...
I don't get my studio calico until today.. can't wait to get home.. That CJ looks so fabulous.. still have two to work on that you sent me. That's so funny Em has the Hannah Montana bug, everyone I know who has kids watches her, but they aren't as cute as