Saturday, 19 April 2008

A Quid.

A quid: a pound (or £). A slang term for a unit of our currency. Hope this clears up the past post... Thats the trouble with our own slang and dialects, I have never noticed so much until I worked where I do... that some times I really do sound all 'ooopt norfth' rather than 'dawwwwn saffth' (up north or down south).

And work: Yes, I just finished 14.5 hours today. I am shattered. I also have the best Studio Calico kit talking to me in our dining room. I am too tired to even contemplate it. I did last night finish the Shimelle scrap your day class (found at UKS and ~ go join, it's free!) When I say finish, I mean I just stuck all my patterned paper in my calendar. I didn't stick it over the actual calendar though, i'm too much of a calendar freak to be able too. I plan to do a sort of photo collage over the calendar bit. I think that will look pretty cool, as long as I actually manage to keep it up. That means staying power for a whole year. A whole 365 days. Will I? Hmm who knows. I'll try.

Work tomorrow too. Up at 5:30am which is way too early and I always press snooze til gone 5:45am. And then i'm on splits, 6:30am til 10:30 and then 4pm til 9pm. Roll on 9:30pm. Then I can go to bed :)

And Monday... what does that bring? Well, it brings my birthday. A whole year older. Hmmm not sure how I feel about that.


Joanna Butchart said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow polly

sunshine and curls said...

Hope you have a lovely birthday polly love from cara XX

michelle said...

I was wondering what a quid was! I hear it on Gordan Ramsey's Kitchen nightmares. girl you are busting your butt w/ that work load ! all work and no scrapping ... lol!

Nina said...

Happy Birthday hun!