Friday, 4 April 2008

We have a new addition to our family...

Meet Nibbles.

We went and picked him up on Monday and he is settling in well, he's still alittle jumpy at the kids (especially when we have a full blown tantrum going on) but he is a sweet little inquisitive thing. And Emily is constantly peeking in at him.

Yesterday we went to Old Macdonalds farm over in Brentwood (or where ever it is)... Emily not only now is mad on animals but also rides. She went on the 'happy apple' rollercoaster approx 5 times... And she would've stayed on all day if we had let her. She rode the carousel 4 times (at least) and the train a couple of times.

This little boy had a great time too... He enjoyed running away from me in the huge sandpit the most, I think :)

And I have work all weekend (a mega long 14.5 hour shift) and then splits on Sunday, so I won't be around.

xxx happy halfterm and enjoy the weather! xxx


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michelle said...

congrats on the new family member. don't know how you do it! love the pics of the kids!