Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Robots... :)

Last night I flopped in front of the tv, chatted to a couple of friends, spent most of the night on twitter :) (i'm PollyScraps if you wanna find me... I am finding Richard Bacon's Nanna naps amusing) and chatting on facebook too.
Facebook still has me hooked. I am totally addicted to it, along with paper and cute sparkly stuff and Robots! I finished up this LO this afternoon, while Em and I settled down to Murder, She Wrote... :)

This one pays homage to a very special baby chair I brought for my niece Abbeygail over 6 years ago. It had lasted through 4 babies and then it met Ben. In all fairness Ben was such a contented baby that he practically lived in that chair for the first nine months of his life. Happy to watch the world go by in his Jenny Giraffe chair. However, left unattended for just too long... this was the result. Note the clothes strewn everywhere and the chair nearly snapped in two! This is when I realised I had had it lucky for sometime and he had finally realised he was a 'boy' :)

'It was just a malfunction!'

The cute fabric was from etsy.

The cute robot from Cosmo Cricket.

A bit of a wild mix of colours but I love the memory that this piccie brings.

And then I started on this one... firstly he was gonna be made of paper but then I found a huge scrap bag of felt and material which made me excited and so he was born from the scraps! And I just find the whole robot thing suits all those eyelets I have and probably will never use up, even if I used them every day!!! And it's a good time to dig out those Tim Holtz cogs I have and haven't even opened...

And I dug out the silver pen...

Those orange bits need some stitching to finish him up... and when the LO is all finished I will share with you just how cute he is :)

Right now I have a boy to cuddle and a little girl who wants to play on CBeebies. So i'm off. P x

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