Thursday, 5 February 2009

ok. ok. i'm excited.

Tomorrow... I shall be in a car with two lovely ladies ready to lock ourselves away and make, make, make! I am nearly ready. I have a few more things to pack. I have kiddos to make happy. I have shopping to do later. I have lots of smiles today. I am aprehensive because it's the first time i've actually left my babies.

I have condensed my stash down to three bags. My big tote, my tool tote and a big yellow bicycle bag full to the brim. I am sure the zips on my big tote are about to give way. I dare not even add a button to it, for fear it will burst open. Will I need it all, probably not. But i'm guessing i'm prepaired (sp?)...

I shall be missing the new yummies in the shop tomorrow :( I shall, however be trying to use up all the yummies i've collected over many years. I am hoping to come back with at least 15 projects completed. What do you think?? Do~able? Maybe. Depends on how much eating and chatting we do.

I shall be missing bingo crop! Norma, Helen, Claire, Jayne, Lynn, Mellissa and all you other lovely ladies I hope you have a wonderful time and get as much creating done as we do!

p.s. we have ice and snow now. I kinda am looking like Todd Carty when i'm doing the trek to and from school... This is another piccie of Ben enjoying the snow ;) Emily screamed on the way to school this morning as it was very slippy and we slid all over the place. The buggy does not like it either... I have muscles like the incredible hulk, trying to push it through snow and ice. It is a good prop though. It has stopped me slipping right over many times over the past two days.

p.p.s. goodness to follow after the weekend!! :)


Tinkerbelle said...

Hello, It's me, Dodgy £20 note Lisa xxxx I have started scrapping and have taken the plunge to start blogging agin... I hope you don't mind I picked your Blog from Nina's.... Sounds like your going to heaven... scrapping can't wait to see your makes... Take care and have fun and thanks for listening to me rant in the shop.... PS The LO on the house that Karen put in her special books looks fab... so thanks for allowing us to lift xxx Speak soon, Magic and Sparkle xxxx

Nina said...

Have a fab time! I can't wait for Birminghham too! x