Thursday, 26 February 2009

Just a little bit more...

Here is just a weenie bit more... Seens as I was quiet a poorly bunny yesterday and very snotty. I didn't manage to get much done scrappy wise. It was an effort just to get through the day. I had EVERY intention to be in bed at around 8:30pm and to totally flake out. I hadn't factored in though the new series of Desperate Hosewives starting! I managed to start and finish one LO and start another... I am not sure how is gonna end up, I don't like it right now.

This was my started and finished LO.

Blooms? I hear you say...! Yes, just a couple flowers never used to be my thing but they are 'growing' on me... :)

This one, i'm not sure of at all.... Hmmm. In my mind it was totally different. It some how didn't come together at all. I hate LO's like that.

I think it needs scrolls/flourishes/similar... It will however be left in my 'projects to finish pile' for a while until I can decide how it should work out. Thats how I end up with so many unfinished projects. I am hoping that today I will blitz a few more and finish them up :)

My cold is drying up, I am feeling slightly more human. I am hoping that Emily and Ben will not get it but i'm guessing that they will as Kev was feeling icky last night.

I am eager for work tomorrow... I have heard that some deliveries have started arriving!!! I also have so many classes running over the next few weeks. I am going to be super busy :)

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