Thursday, 19 February 2009

A long and exciting weekend...

This was the long journey home as I experimented with taking pics of car lights... :) Or no lights and bogey picking/ mobile phone usage/ lipgloss applying etc... It's amazing what some peeps think they can do as well as drive along!

A short and quick yummy snack before one of our classes began... Marion did not know about the deliciousness of Peanut Kitkats.

The ring~age shot.
We had the fabbest time. We spent alot of time on our feet looking at yummies. I can tell you that we have ordered some great new bits (ok, piles for the shop!) Robots, cupcakes, wellies and yummieness will soon be flooding in.
All the new American Craft goodies will be in soon ~ including those fabby value cardstock packs!! Cute stamps... :) So many cool products. I am still so tired though...
Projects and new crafty stuff later! But just before I head off... see here OMG!! This months kit is soooooooo unbelieveably gorgeous :) I think each and every add on will be popping into my basket at 5am on the 28th...! Thank you to April and Scarlett and crew... Especially CARA who packed my last kit (that touch was super cool! It made me smile lots.)... x Ok. I'm off for a while now. I will add you to my twitter and facebook when I get a mo. Promise.


Nina said...

Ihad a super time too, gobble gobble!

Tinkerbelle said...

Wow, sounds like you had a fab time xxx what fun xxx can't wait to get my mits on the stash .... xxx see you soon xxx