Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Studio Calico *wub*

Yesterday the biggest and fabbest box of inspo arrived on my doorstep. The postie always looks at me as if i'm mad when it arrives ;) but if you have this box, you'd know why. For starters everything is sealed in individual paper bags with the cutest stickers... The box is actually printed up for Studio Calico stash. Just the packaging gets me. Everytime.

So, after the best weekend. I had the best box delivered. One add on this time and a maya road glimmer mist in charcoal, which I have yet to use! I had to take Em to and from school and got soaked each time and so this was a welcomed piece of happiness on such a dreary day.

I have completed my first LO with this gorgeous kit... I love it :) I love MM, they lost it a while back IMO but seem to have got their groove back and the pins, paper and stickers from them are lush.

The exclusive Studio Calico papers are amazing this time! I lurvvve the pommegranite (sp!!) paper... *yum* I am not a red scrapping gal. I hardly ever choose red. I think its pretty hard to scrap with, I find it hard to match and I just find it hard. But I love this kit. I cannot wait to use the stamps!! Four, cute individual ones. I wish I had got the bicycle stamp add on a while back. I sooooo need that stamp now :( These kits just seem to be getting better and better.

So this is what I have made so far...

I am loving beads and stitching right now... If you hadn't noticed!

Freestyle stiching rocks!

And I have a bit of an obsession with Cosmo blackboard, so this kit satisfied my needs... Well, except the fact I now need more :)


Tinkerbelle said...

lub, lub, lub the beads and red... looks like you have been really busy..... what a great kit to get it must feel like christmas xxx Magic and Sparkle xxxxxxxxx

Alison5 said...

Wow stunning lo and so quick, it takes me months to get round to using my kits. I must try to be more organized and then I can get more scrapping done.
Alison xx