Monday, 9 February 2009

Rested and relaxed :)

This was where I stayed this past weekend... isn't it gorgeous?!

These were littered all over the garden and around the cottage...

And this was one of the beautiful views I found when I went for a walk around on
Sunday morning.

I'm back from my scrappy weekend away, all rested and relaxed and very, very happy. We had a few disasters on Friday getting there... mostly at Fabbi's expense... (sorry, but you really should be a comic) Flat tyres, falling at petrol stations and flying through doorways all happened in the space of a few hours and it was hillarious.

We arrived mid afternoon on Friday and unpacked immediately and got scrapping. Fifteen minutes later the dining room table was covered in paper and ribbon and we had started our fabulous holiday! We scrapped pretty much like this for the whole weekend... We laughed the whole time until my insides hurt :)

I did manage 15 LO's, with only a few minutes to spare (!), I will take piccies later now my camera is empty and I have room too ;)

We ate the most delish sandwiches made by our fab cook... and ate a lovely chinky after getting terrified by the wildebeasts (ask Adrienne!) and wolves LOL. We watched bunnies and woodpeckers playing in our back garden and listened to the Sunday morning hymns and organ playing in the beautiful church beside us. It really was amazing.

So now it's back to reality. Rested and relaxed though and stil laughing. Thanks Mistress BlackPudding... :D

Just a few more beautiful views...

And i'll leave you with these piccies... not for the faint hearted! The stairs were leathal... ;)

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Anonymous said...

oh wow Polly, your photos are stunning

I had such a wonderful weekend, and just want to go again - now!!

thankyou for being part of one of the best weekends ever xxx