Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Bursts of Creativity.

I love feeling like this.

That I just have a mojo and it's working hard. That I can just go ahead and produce. And produce stuff I like. I'm working on the technique (if it is and I think i'm justfied to say, for me it is) of trying to jumble up my letters... I always put my title's straight or around a certain line. Never higgledy ~ piggledy. Well i'm going to try to do this AND make it look like thats how it's supposed to be (and there is the technique) because when ever I do it, it looks as if someone has sneezed alphas over my page. It's something I want to learn to do.

As you can see, somehow I just ain't got it yet... I'm going to keep trying and trying and trying.

This paper is the funkiest, fabby-est, most favouritest paper there is out atm... (although a certain little laydee has put out her special 1 year anni kits!) The sayings on the 'Cogsmo' range are just too cute... Cannot wait to use 'whooops, It was just a malfunction!'

And this paper makes eyelets look useable!!

I have also been eagerly reading Michelle's blog (see the side links) and turning green with the fact she has a macro lens for her camera, be it that it's took her 16 years to get it... It's made me think how much i'm actually missing out on not knowing my camera. I need to do some serious learning with my special little toy. I think i'd be more willing if I had more eager children to sit still for at least two mintues while I got back to snap the shot. Or if I learnt how to switch the flash off and still keep the shutter speed up so the shots minus flash weren't all blur. But most importantly that I actually kept my camera battery charged... (yes, we are charging again... even though I have two batteries)...

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michelle said...

another fabulous page! you should look into a basi photo class.. it'll give you what you need as for fstops/ shutter speed, etc. and fun too!