Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Working on projects...

I have had some 'help' this morning while i've been trying to work on a h-u-g-e project I want to start right now. I wanted to start it nearly three years ago but time never seems to be on my side. But this morning I made a gianormous dent in it.
I have now hit alittle stopping point. My mind cannot work out how to do any more. I've finished all the boring bits, the bits that no one will read anyhow... i'm stuck on the good bits. :( BOO.
So i'm going to sit down, watch Emily eat a cherry lollipop (thank you Kelly!) and watch Horrid Henry with her. And while i'm doing that, write an action plan of every single detail that needs to be finished before I show you my new project... :)


michelle said...

Well, I am glad you made progress with your project. sometimes when I go full on into crafting madness I will hit the wall, too, but you'll get it back.

Nina said...

I want to know!!!!!! Are you still coming friday night?