Friday, 28 March 2008

A little thought.

For this little guy.

Today he has a 'proper' big op on his front tooth... It got cracked a while back and so has left it open for infection. His appointment had come around and he was supposed to go two weeks ago ~ then they cancelled him out. But this morning he was having it whipped out but under anesthetic (sp?)
I know my Sis was supper worried about it all. After Jessica being in hosp. when she was younger and everything. And being put right under is a big deal for a four year old.
So today Georgie my thoughts have been with you. Get well soon our crazy little guy :)
P.S. further proof that I am a drama queen (or not as the case maybe) : Our printer has been out of ink for about two weeks now, which has been fine. I've had some time to do photo catch up... and it's not as if i've been cropping ~ cause all i've been doing is working. Now crop on Sunday... I ask Kev, well email him to print out some fonts in a word docu. I never knew they didn't transfer unless he had the same darn font on his laptop. So he came home tonight with, like 40 pages of this crumby boring same old same old crappy font. Why? Would? Anyone? Think? A? Scrapper? Wants? The? Most? Plainest? Font? Ever? 40? Times???
So I feel like having a *HUGE* drama queen moment. Yes, I do. I am working all day tomorrow and will not have any time what so ever to do it all again. Arse.

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michelle said...

it's all good sista. it's ok to have little drama moments. it just sucks when you don't have time and you want something done and it doesn't get done the way you want. but it'll be okay..