Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Smile :)

I just got the best thing arrive... (ok two good things)
1 ~ the washing machine that should've been here yesterday ... but wasn't came this morning.

AND (and I might add far more importantly)

2~ SoML kit for March!! YAY! I lurve it. And so off I go snapping the box, the whole build up, the beautiful pile of stash inside and guess what? My camera battery dies :( Well, thats ok, I think. But no because some lazy girl did not charge the other battery last time that one died :(

So you will have to wait for pics. And in any case I think they are all sold out this month, so I would only be making you :( that you missed out.

I can tell you now the kits are mounting up and I love it! I love having a whole range and selection of products to use. I just am a stash-a-hollic. But I will tell you what is my absolute fave thing about these kits... The stamps. Just see how gorgeous they are. No where else have I seen such kitsch stamps and cool designs like these. I am building up a collection of them all. ('cept I found out I lost my tape one which I am defo going to reorder next month)

And this little beauty Sara so kindly threw in too... Thank you!!! The bike is super cute!

Last night I worked on a little rainbow book. It was a slow work in progress yesterday, I guess the weekend caught up with me and I was on the phone to my sister for 1.5 hours... just catching up and it's her birthday on Good Friday, so we are all going up to see her. I have no idea what to get her for her birthday, although she did give me a few ideas which i'm going to check out this week. And I have a fabby project idea to make for her :)

One of my h-u-g-e projects is nearly complete. I have another week of waiting around for a few answers and things to come to me in the mail and then i'll be good to go and share the whole idea. I am pretty excited by it all and hope that everyone else is too...! Fingers crossed.


Sandra said...

I am SO intrigued and can't wait to see what your working on. Sounds like you are going to have a great Easter. Hope to see you soon.

michelle said...

I love kits! I stash them all, but I love having the mix of stuff to work with too.
can't wait to see your projects!

staceyfike said...

looks like you got some yummy stuff there!!

sunshine and curls said...

wow how fab looks great cant wait to see what you create ! have a lovely easter XX