Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Hurrah for Four Day Weeks!

With the bank holiday (even though I was working hard!) It means we only have a four day week left AND it's the Wickford crop tomorrow night too :) And this week (so far) I am only working on Saturday although it could all change. I also have the Basildon crop on Sunday, since Jane kindly agreed to run with it, since i'm working alot of the time.

So yesterday, I thought things would be great. No. Emily threw up all over her 'bag' (she goes to bed in a gro-bag) and she was v.poorly. Then Kev announces he's not too good either and he chucks up too. YUCK! Needless to say he hasn't gone to work today but Emily seems back to normal...

And a while ago this happened:

Ben 'lived' in this chair for the first nine months or so of his life. I bought it for Abbeygail before she was born and it has seen through five babies and had a few babies bums in there too. It serves great as a dumping ground for stray socks, pj's and wipes etc... But it has well and truly 'died'... Today i'm going to cut off all the cute labels and some fabric to use on a LO as an ode to this fabby chair. So if anyone thinks £50 is expensive for a m&p bouncing chair. Think again. It was less than £10 per head... :)

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michelle said...

sorry everyone is sick.. I hate that! hopefully, everyone starts feeling better soon.. love that picture of ben - so funny.