Monday, 17 March 2008

Busy Bee.

This Friday my big Sis turns 39. Well, she isn't my biggest Sis... but she is my big Sis. And of course we are driving up to Leicestershire to see her. I haven't seen her since Crimbo and cannot wait to see her and the kids.

But of course, this means I am bogged down with stuff atm. The kiddo's and work being the main two. Then DT work, submissions and creating a cute little project to go along with my Sis's birthday gifts... AND it's come at the exact wrong time but I am (yet again) addicted to Facebook.

I guess all scrapbookers should have some affinity to facebook, after all it is all about our past ~ isn't it? Well, it is for me anyhow. Yesterday I spent time laughing and thinking about the 'old days'. In April it will be 10 whole years since I left the little village I still hold in my heart as home. Weird because when I lived there, alot of me couldn't wait to leave... But since having kiddo's there is a weird tug on me back to that place which made me, me.

Will post piccie's of projects later!

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michelle said...

can't wait to see your projects lady. I know what you mean about going home. we have a big trip back to the philippines planned. i can't wait.