Wednesday, 12 March 2008

While a little boy slept.

See how cute this fabric is...?!!!

I did this.

Emily is continually fascinated by my tools and the crafts I do. I am loving the fact she is so inquisitive (sp?!), it does have it's down sides though. That felt pens and paper just don't cut the mustard with her now. She wants double sided sticky tape (or stickers as she calls it) and fancy paper and card and of course any ribbon she can get her hands on.

Most of all this afternoon she wanted to sew. She sat watching patiently for a whole hour the needle clacking along and me pinning fabric. She sat paitiently watching the cotton reel whizzing round. It's a shame it's not finished for her to see what I was making but it's nearly there...

P.s. Robots are cuter than ever!


Mary said...

Polly that fabric is very cute but what is it you're making? I can't make it out.

Joanna Butchart said...

i love that fabric where did you get it from it is lovely. I am going to my first scrap booking event in the village on teh 1st APril. I will probably be useless but thought i would give it a go

michelle said...

I can't imagine my kids just sitting and watching. love that fabric!