Monday, 10 March 2008

Cute clothes.

Yesterday, between my two shifts we ventured into town... which has to be the first time since December. I can't say I enjoy shopping with the kids. Emily is ok but Ben does have the tendancy to moan ... ALOT!

This is even while they have a treat in MacDonalds. He just does not want to have to sit still at all. But I did mange to buy Emily a nice new top ~ purely for scrapping reasons. Yes, I like it. In fact I love it. BUT It is covered in tiny red mushrooms and I have a fabby stamp I have been dying to use on a LO. So while Ben slept til 9:15am this morning Emily and me got the camera out and took a few snaps of her in her new top. If you're not a scrapper you'll think i'm mad, sad or both but you scrappers will understand.

I got Ben a cute shirt too with a skinny Greenday-esque tie. Yes, I know it's soooo impractical and I doubt he'll even keep it on just for pictures. But it was the most cutest thing i've seen for him in a long time. And it has a cute little skull and cross bones tag which will be cannabalised once he no longer fits into it... :)

And here as promised is a revised snowman, looking alittle more finished than he did before...


Anonymous said...

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michelle said...

love that top! look how patiently she waits as mommy takes a!