Friday, 21 March 2008

My Big Sis's Birthday

On Wednesday night I made this. I didn't really get on with it, maybe it was because I was actually watching Kitchen Nightmares rather than actually whole, heartedly scrapping! But anyhow... I distressed these letters with sandpaper and black ink and then rubbed it off so they were left looking dirty.

I used those fabby old, vintage buttons again. Aren't they just so, so worn and full of history? I just wonder whose clothes they belonged too before they ended up on one of my LO's?

And I hand cut the swirl, which was the same as in the scrapagogo booklet but I was kinda at a loss with this paper ~ you know when somethings just don't work??? But Ben was and still is called Chubb. He was just called Chubb for so long, in fact my kiddo's all have different names to their 'real' names. For weeks after his birth I called him Charlie dog (he had a set of clothes with a little applique dog on called Charlie) and we even considered seriously if we had given him the right name. He did look like a Charlie when he was born. He had super dark fluffy dandelion hair, you know the fine super soft stuff newborns have. I made the decision, after seeing he responded better to Charlie dog than Ben that it'd have to stop and so the Kev started calling him 'fat-boy' (he was a chubby baby tho) and it got so it seemed he was being mean to him, when he wasn't. (You cannot go to the health visitor and say 'fat-boy' as I guess that we'd have social services on our case)... So Chubb-boy was born and it just got shortned to Chubb; which is still kinda unfair because he is in no way as chubby now he's started really moving but it's just stuck. Our Chubb. Hence the weird LO title.

Today we all piled into the car and went all the way up to my sisters house for her birthday. Today she turned 39. Today she was pretty ill too.

The poor thing felt v.sick and not v.good at all. So, we had a brief spell at my sisters, a long spell on the motorway there and back and a little boy who cried for seven l-o-n-g junctions because he was just so fed up with being stuck in the car.
And so we came home with nine Easter eggs, a gianormous bar of choccie, three lovely books and a huge, huge piece of fruit cake ~ which I know will be yummy.

Get Well Soon Jill...!

And tomorrow, I start a mammouth working weekend. 5:30am here I come...


Anonymous said...

See here or here

michelle said...

cute page.. love the nickname. my oldest son was 5 days old before we named him so forever we just called him "the boy."
my hubs and I have discovered Kitchen Nightmares on BBC and we are hooked ! love gordon.. hells kitchen starts soon