Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I have plans.

I always have plans. It's whether they get finished or not thats the question. This time though, plans are well and truly in motion.

I seem to have got my 'thang' back and am well and truly motivated to make a sucess of things. I feel like a million dollars. Ok, maybe not quiet a million. Actually maybe far from a million but, anyhow. I feel good.

I feel good that I am back in control now. Which sounds weird because I was never out of control, it just felt that way. Isn't it weird how having a job, being more than just a 'mum' gives you sooo much more than you could ever imagine? I feel like the 'girl' I was before kids; 'cept I am like, hmmmm 6 stone (yes really) heavier :( That is my next task although I guess it will prove much harder than anything I have ever done before. Giving up food is so hard for me. I love food. I mean like, really love food. But for now I am happy being me again, be it that I feel I am living in someone else's fat body... lol.

I have a long list of things to do this week. Two being apply for another DT position, gotta be in it to win it right?? And then I have a lot of little and big projects kicking about. And these came today...

And I have serious plans for these babies.

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michelle said...

I like to work (sometimes), it's my time away from my boys- cause sometimes you just need it. just don't work too much. I keep telling my boss I am working all these hours and I'm saving up for my sons' bail money cause I'm not there to regulate. lol