Thursday, 20 March 2008

Oh My.

For those of you who actually have been round lately, you'll know Ben has been well over due a hair cut. For those of you who haven't, this is what you would've been greeted by: (and check out the 'moobs')

This boy really needed a snip. Now Emily didn't have a cut until she was gone 2, simply because her hair is curly-ish and didn't really grow that quickly either. But Ben's hair is curly but grows so quickly. He also doesn't really have the option of piggies either :)

So last night I braved it and snipped. Hairdressers are defo out of the question, he won't sit still to eat let alone have a hair cut! So I cut it while he was in the bath.

Basin/Bowl haircut here we come... lol. I will have scarred him for life!

When Emily and I came down from finishing her bath her was really proud of it. He was grinning and pulling his newly chopped locks telling us 'cheese' ... atm everything is Cheese, juice or shuuuusssssssshhhh!

ETA: This morning it looks alot less severe... or maybe it's just growing on me :)


sunshine and curls said...

oh bless he does look cute and haircut is too ! you should see some of the haircuts ive given my boys Lol. but thankfully they like the hairdressers now, hairdresser i am not !!!

michelle said...

good job on the cut! You are a braver one than I. Out here they have these places called cool cuts 4 kids. they sit in these cars and can play nintendo or watch movies while they are getting their hair cuts and let me tell you how fabulous it is!