Sunday, 8 July 2007

Bad blogger...

I haven't blogged for ages - sorry! I have been busy and atm I have so many BIG decisions to make in my/our life that i've not been too committed to blogging!

This post is a quick one from Kevy's laptop -and so no really nice piccies or anything... Yesterday we went to Barleylands and took Emily and Ben to the farm there (although Emily calls it the castle - god only knows why!) and she was pecked by a goose... but it didn't put her off with any other animal and she really loved it. She absolutely loves holding the bunnies and feeding the chickens, lambs and ducks there.

I also popped in to see Nina and see how her first class went - it went well! She had nine ladies and each of them made a LO she had come up with. I know she was totally pumped and i'm proud that is is doing something that she loves! Having a crafty job is just the best! I also saw Jane in there spending her money ... buying clipboards for teachers gifts and other stash buys.

Talking of Stash buys ... GET OVER TO PANDORA's - there is 15% off all of her love elsie stuff (and for those of you who don't live in Essex as she runs an ebay store too if you email her she is willing to post stuff too) her blog is and you cvan get an email link from there to her ebay store and her shop email account... There are also other goodies with money off in there too - stamps, chipboard letters, beads ... alsorts it's worth while popping in!

I promise to up load some goose feeding piccies later!


michelle said...

thanks for the link.. glad you had a good time at the

Nina said...

Thanks for coming to see my luv, I was really hyper!