Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A song in my he{art}...

... so here it is. The begining of something big for me. My whole life documented in song.

I am not putting it in any order - simply because it would just be TOO complicated and I think i'd loose sense of the album. It's about enjoyment, love, song and most of all it's a therapy. Scrapping really is the best way I express my feelings, thoughts and just get it all out.

At last weeks class we talked about journalling. The sort you read and your heart leaps. The sort that makes you have a tear - whether it be happy or sad. The stuff you think you want no one to know until you're not here. The stuff you say when you think no one is listening. The stuff that is actually from your heart and not your head. Writing it down is therapy. You write it down and you shut the book. It's gone. It's not your burden anymore. It's not something you have to remember. Some journalling is like that. Sandra is the best-est journaller I know IRL, she has it all down to a 't'. The stuff she writes about her girls blows me away. The book Michelle so kindly sent to me is fabby. I am loving it. I am just getting to grips with writing in it. I'm writing in pencil and plan not to rub any out - it's all about learning to find my voice on paper - but it is tempting when you re-read it with a clear head the next day to scrub it all out. I'm not going to though.

Well, this album/book/whatever you want to call it... it's becoming a therapy for me. My younger days put onto paper. All my thoughts, fears, fun and believe me stupidity is there to see. And you know what, it's making me feel proud of how far i've come. The people i've met and shared experiences with. The people who maybe i'm not in contact with now but I know they know they hold a special place in me somewhere. I'm celebrating what i've done. The fun i've had and how much of a complete doofus I used to be. (just check out one of the piccies above...)

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