Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Maybe, just maybe...

Well, after a chat with Kevy last night we both agreed that me applying for the part time course in Hertfordshire would be hard going, although the part time hours much better suited to all of us. It would however take 5 whole years to complete (Emily would be 8/9 and Ben 6/7 - as I wouldn't start until Sept 2008) ... It seems weird thinking of them as grown-up kids! And I think that it would leave me relying heavily on the car and alsorts... Soooooo I have been searching even more... and found that Colchester runs a full time course. That is my option atm. I gave them a call to ask about expected hours in uni and on placement/shifts etc... but the lady I needed to talk to was out of the office until Thursday ... hmmmmm.

I emailed Tanya and asked her opinion - as she is already a midwife - she suggested some cool things and then - I found a job vancancy in a maternity unit as a midwifery assistant. I sat up last night and applied. I'm not sure how i'll go, whether I get an interview or not. But i'm hoping. It seems a good step in that direction and i'm pretty stoked that I actually found the vacancy, maybe someone was putting some good luck my way! Fingers crossed now that I get an interview! With my college GNVQ though- it is slightly higher than their desirable requirements, so i'm hopeful. And it's super close to Kevy's moms and fairly close to Kevy's work... So childcare - hopefully wouldn't be a problem.

AND we have baby Ruby visiting tonight!!! (And her mummy and daddy!) - can't wait to see how they are getting on with the rocky road called parenthood. Hoping they are still full of joy and not toooooo tired - as those with kids know, there's a lot of shhhhh-ing going on during the wee hours with a newborn.

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michelle said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you too!