Thursday, 12 July 2007

Super dooper!

Today i've packaged off all the sales for those who have paid via paypal... Thank you!!!

I have a super busy time coming up atm!

Friday: Teaching at Pandora's papercrafts!!! Yeah! And a chance to natter on to Sandra too!!!

Saturday: A visit to my MIL to see her brand spankin' new kitchen!

Sunday: Havering atte Bower crop (if you're interested contact Tanya on UKS!)

Also I have to decide my course options too... Call my sister... Do the washing... hoover up... go over my class for tomorrow.... Do some scrapping.... Do some ironing (!) ...

And of course add a couple of pages to this:

Thank you so much Amiee for letting me be a part of this special journal... I am loving the whole recieving new journals each month! And loving the coloured tissue that Gina sends them in... I have three gorgeous colours collected!


Nina said...

Wow that looks fabby!

miss morgan... said...

oooh, totally can't wait to get this one! and i love that the later in the cycle we get, the more of other people's lo's we get to see! you should totally post these pics in the picture gallery over on the yahoo group!