Sunday, 15 July 2007

Creativity chaos!!!

(Thanks to Karen Russel for a fabby 'kinda' scraplift!)
(thanks to 2peas for another 'semi-kinda' scraplift)

Today was the Havering atte Bower crop. Can I just say for all you Essex gals it is really FAB... There is heaps of space and it's a beautiful hall and setting and Tanya is a super cook - she bakes the most delicious cakes!!!
I was pretty creative too and made 6 single LO's and started a maya road mini album for my sister. How fabby it was! So you know i'm feeling pretty good that I have created SOOOO much.

Now for some pretty bad news. My sister has been having a hard time of it lately... I really am wishing I could be with her right now. Her little boy George has been going to pre-school for nearly a year now and his key worker has suggested and asked for an SEN co-ordinator to be brought in. She is absolutely destroyed. This is my sister who is normally so happy and manages to cope with so much. I hate to know she is feeling so sad and so low and most of all so lonely. It just really hurts me so much. And whats more I am sure, after working with special needs and lots of small children, he is just a typical boisterous boy who is nearly four and trying to make sense of his place in the world. I think she has nothing to worry about but you know what us parents are like!

Secondly, yesterday Kev asked his mum whether she would mind having the kids alittle more. And talked And after nearly three years of her saying that she would have her grandchildren any time at all... she called today and said no. I knew that was the answer yesterday. I just wished she had of had the decency to actually say that AND to have not have already said that she would've had them any time.
Needless to say i'm a bit in limbo, no actually i'm upset. This might be irrational and unfair to say but I feel as if it's a personally attack against me and my children. And in some way that her other grandchildren matter more than Emily and Ben. She said that she would if it didn't interfere with the others... and that if FIL would help more. Basically she said no there and then. I mentioned it to Kev and he said that it didn't seem like a no to him. But she called and Kev said he spoke breifly to her and she felt she couldn't look after them. I'm pretty annoyed. It has been so long coming. We have been told that they would do anything and would be willing to have the children any time and it turns out not to be true.


michelle said...

girl, i totally know how you feel about the in-laws. it got so bad with mine and them not treating my kids as equally as the others that i do the same.. they hardly see my in-laws. i don't go out of my way to let them see my kids and they don't go out of their way to see my kids and you know after realizing this, I am okay and you will be too. i know it puts a damper on things right now, but things will work out the way they are supposed to , when they are supposed to..

Nina said...

Firstly I am so pleased you have made something! Its fabby!
And secondly a big hug as I know what inlaws can be live and people who let you down.
Everything happens for a reason so maybe it just isnt your time to start your studies. xx